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Casablanca is a modern city in Morocco that provides its visitors with excellent sites. It is the perfect destination for food lovers. Here is a collection of distinct cultures that resulted in a breathtaking variety of restaurants.

 Several options range from genuine Moroccan cuisine in standard settings to modern seafood restaurants and eateries that can eat to their taste, everything from Italian to Japanese specialties. This article looks at the fantastic places according to budget-friendly, taste, and kind of meal craving in the city Casablanca.

Le Cabestan Restaurant

This restaurant is located nearby El Hank on the boulevard beachfront called Le Corniche. Le Cabestan, along with steady amazing scenes of the Atlantic Ocean. The outside lounge set up near a bar and with rocker chairs overlooking the ocean is an excellent choice on sunny days. 

Sort in with a glass of cool white vine or a cocktail. Then takes a look at the great awfully menu like Pasta, poultry, risottos, and Meat are all provided. Nevertheless, the setting makes the seafood an obvious option. Provençal-style shrimps, fresh lobster, and Grilled swordfish are all the best dishes amongst the most suggestions by the previous guests. Le Cabestan is open from noon to midnight each day. 

Restaurant NKOA

NKOA restaurant is situated in the multicultural Gauthier district of trendy Casablanca. NKOA restaurant is top-rated on TripAdvisor as a fantastic restaurant in the city. The decoration of tribal motifs and bold primary colors reflects the table d’hôte, revealing an unusual take on cultural fusion cuisine. Carrying inspiration from the tasty culinary cultures of Asia, South America, and Africa. 

Every dish is wonderfully presented and full of multiplex flavor. Check out a prawn masala dish inspired by the Creole-style tuna steaks and Swahili Coast recipes. The drink and dessert menus are just as creative, with the latest featuring Indian lassi with Egyptian hibiscus juice and many more. NKOA restaurant opens at 10 A.M. for its everyday lunch services and dinner service.

Dar Beida Restaurant

Another favorite choice for classic Moroccan cuisine with a great dining twist. Dar Beida restaurant is located inside the Casablancas’ Hyatt Regency. The food is classic for Morocco, along with staples such as pastilla, couscous, harria soup, and tagines, all are highlighted on the table d’hôte. The atmosphere and environment of this restaurant make it popular and memorable. 

The Design of the restaurant looks like a standard Berber tent. The restaurant’s inside is a jollification for the senses, along with swathes of plum fabric and crimson. All over in your meal, you will be served to live entertainment in the term of Moroccan belly dancers and musicians. Likely one of the great romantic choices in Morocco’s Casablanca is Dar Beida. It is open from 7 P.M. to 12 A.M. every day, excluded Sunday. 

Le Cuisto Traditionnel

For some of the tremendous genuine Moroccan eat in Casablanca, Mohammed V Square went to Le Cuisto Traditionnel. The restaurant’s decoration is acclaim to Moroccan’s traditional culture, along with fantastic zellij mosaics on the panels, ornately framed photographs of Moroccan VIPs, and molded ceilings taken by the owner by himself. 

The menu characteristics regional specialties from throughout Morocco, consisting of Moroccan salads, chicken pastillas, and many different Tagine kinds. If you are not assured of what to order, ask the amiable staff for a suggestion. As similar to many Casablanca’s restaurants, this restaurant does not include alcohol in its menu. Meanwhile, their juices are delicious and healthy, and we should try mint tea, a Moroccan primary staple. 

Rick’s Café

Casablanca will always be identical for several people, along with the iconic 1940s movies with similar names. Even though the gin linked in which Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman act out various scenes is imaginary. 

Nestled amongst the Old Medina panels, Rick’s café restaurant is a Deco’s Art showpiece made with a white and black marble floor, a courtyard of gallery, and of course, a Pleyel piano of the 1930s with an in house local pianist. “Casablanca” is displayed on repeat in a spare lounge area. However, Rick’s Café is also famous for its quality European and Morroco cuisine and best cocktails.

Boccacia Italian Restaurant

Casablanca’s Italian restaurant scene is excellent and represented by Boccaccio, and the restaurant is located near Organic Kitchen off d’Anfa Boulevard. The restaurant provides classic Italian dishes like handmade pizzas, risottos, and handmade Pasta in a warm cafeteria setup. 

The cook is a born-and-bred Sicilian, and several of Boccaccio’s elements are imported straight from Italy for the most genuine flavors. Indulge in a container or two of Italian wine or imported brew, then obey your main menu item along with an indulgent tiramisu. The restaurant is open daily of the week for dinner and lunch. Prices are comparatively high, but as compared to Europe and another European restaurant of Casablanca.

Organic Kitchen

When you are tired of hefty tagines, get your healthy food affix at the Organic Kitchen restaurant. Here, you will find all the organic elements or long-lasting farmed, and they are made with a complete focus on cooking that is best for the body and the soul. Various menu items are vegan, gluten-free, or vegetarian, making the eatery one of the great in Casablanca for those along with unique dietary necessities. 

Think quinoa-based Buddha bowls and falafel wraps, and dairy-free desserts, and zucchini noodle dishes. The restaurant is open seven days a week. Organic Kitchen also serves a specialist in a juice bar, barista station, and a food market selling well locally products of Moroccan. 

Chez Michel et hafida Restaurant

If you are looking for a more genuinely Moroccan take on freshened seafood, make your path to Stall 192 in the crowdy Central Market of Casablanca. Famous as Chez Michel et Hafida, this unseen restaurant comes in the market’s stall best in quick, simple, and mouth-watering seafood dishes. 

Expect calamari and prawns, seafood soups and salads, and pieces of perfectly grilled fish of the current day. Destiny is large and accompanied by different kinds of tasty sauces and grilled vegetables. The amount is much lower than the other expensive seafood restaurants in Casablanca. The menus are Arabic and French, with pictures and friendly staff to help those who do not speak another language. 

Asian Restaurant ILOLI

Those cravings for genuine, perfect eat the Japanese food should make their day after visiting ILOLI restaurant in Gauthier’s district. The restaurant is located around the concept of using Casablanca’s plentiful natural produce to revive the experienced dishes one should be expected in an expensive Tokyo restaurant. 

Choices range from fine Wagyu beef to sushi. ILOLI serves four different seating styles at the bar, where you can see the sushi cooks in action, in the main eatery on the comfortable ground floor level, or on the balcony. The recent is an oasis of Zen’s Japanese and various bamboo and teak to take you away from the crowd streets of Casablanca. 

Indian Restaurant Clay Oven

Indian restaurants are many and far between in Moroccos Casablanca, but Clay Oven restaurants are consistent ranges as the greatest one of those who survive. Prices are affordable, and several of the restaurant’s services are made in its standard Tandoor Oven. Excluded Tandoori Chicken, a massive variety of delicious curries, Naan Bread, Biryani, and much more. 

Can modify various dishes for a diet of vegetarians. However, desserts provide Indian specialties such as Gajar Ka Halwa, Gulab Jamun, and Kulfi. Clay Oven restaurant does not offer alcohol. The menu displays a wide variety of virgin cocktails, Indian teas, and Lassi. The restaurant is open seven days for dinner and lunch. 


Casablanca is a multi-national city. Several restaurants serve a menu providing only French or Moroccan dishes. It also features Indian, Mexican, oriental, American-style, and Italian eateries. Note that there are many restrictions on opening hours and menus during Ramadan. 


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